Buy Rose Plants

You can buy rose plants here! My suppliers have a huge selection of the most popular rose plants for sale.

Buying roses online is very easy and also economical. And online garden nurseries have the largest and best rose selection to choose from.

These online garden nurseries offer FREE shipping and discounts, and it's hard to beat their prices.

Now if you prefer to buy roses from a local retailer in your area, let me give you some tips for buying roses.

Where To Buy Roses

The very best selection of rose varieties, except from online nurseries of course, is found at specialist rose nurseries.

Of course not all areas have a garden center that specialize in selling roses.

However, national Rose Societies, can often help with rose nursery lists.

As with any purchase, view bargains, cheap roses, (3rd grade quality) with suspicion!

Most garden centers sell limited varieties of roses, which are usually container grown and pre-packed roses.

Most container roses are more expensive than bare root roses or pre-packed rose plants.

Online Rose Nurseries

To browse the online nurseries for rose plants, just click on the highlighted headlines under the rose pictures.

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Rose Buying Tips

It's very important to only buy rose plants that are suited for your climate and region.

If you live in Florida, you should only buy roses that thrive in Florida.

Or if you garden where you have cold winters, only buy sub zero roses or Canadian Explorer Roses or Griffith Bucks Roses, the Knockout Roses are also great for cold climate zones.

Here is may page about growing roses in New England, which has very cold winters.

But if your climate is humid and hot choose Earthkind Roses. And also roses that are grafted onto the rootstock of Rosa Fortuniana are very resistant to the root knot nematode, which is prevalent in the South.

Another climate zone that require special roses is the deserts of Pacific Southwest, and Arizona. Use this page to guide you for buying roses for Arizona and the deserts


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