Can I Plant Bare Root Roses In A Pot
And Later In The Ground?

by Sierra

Hi Annelie,
I have new bare root roses that I had a spot for in the ground, but that plan changed. Can I plant them in pots for 1-2 months until I can get them in the ground? And if so, would I treat them as potted roses or bare roots when I replant them? Should I amend the soil in the pots with compost and bonemeal or wait until they get replanted? I live in Mendocino, Ca.

I just stumbled on your site and so appreciate all of the info you have to offer!
Thank you,

Hi Sierra,
Yes, you can plant the bare root roses in a pot now and later transplant them into the ground in a flowerbed.
When you plant them on a pot, only use organic bagged potting soil for roses. It will have all the nutrients there so you don't need to add anything extra at this time.
However, when you transplant the potted rose, you need to amend your garden soil with compost, bonemeal and some Epson salt.
When you transplant, your rose will already have grown feeder roots in the pot, so you don't have to plant it like a bare root rose, since it's no longer bare root.
Just follow my advice on this page for planting roses.
Best Regards,

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