Cane Borers On Roses

by Clayton Morgan
(Washington ,Indiana)

I was just wondering what type of alliums do you recommend to get to try and repell the nasty cane borers.

I have been fighting mine for a long time but still slowly winning.

I go out there regularly and cut open the infected area and kill the larve and sometimes 3-4 in a single bore area.

I was using an insect spray until one day a cardinal wanted to nest in there.

ANSWER: Hi Clayton! Yes, those cane borer are awful, and attack roses in certain regions.

The plants that are the most effective and repell insects are: Tansy, Feverfew, Garlic, Pennyroyal, and Rue.

These plants provide natural insect control.

The tansy was used in the 18th century as an insect repellant.

I recommend you plant all these wonderful plants among your roses.

Not only do they repell cane borers and Japanese beetles, and all kinds of nasty bugs and pests, they are very pretty and look great with your roses.

I use them myself in my own garden, and I have never had to spray for insects.

They are also great in your vegetable garden.
Best Regards,

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