Care Of Climbing Roses

care of climbing roses

How To Care For Climbing Roses

How to take care of climbing roses and climbing rose care.

The care and pruning of climbing roses and climbing roses winter care.

As well as feeding and training care for climbing rose bushes so they will look spectacular in your garden.

That's what this page is all about.

It's important to remember not to prune the growing canes of climbers during the first two years.

They need time to grow long canes from where the lateral flowering shoots will grow, and those are the real flowering canes.

Maybe you are thinking how a climbing rose would look trained over a window.

Or maybe you would like have a pillar or tripod of roses as a centerpiece in a flowerbed.

Now that's a lovely thought.

care of climbing roses

A Variety of Climbing Roses On A Fence And Arbor

Pruning Care For Climbing Roses

Pruning and training are fairly simple tasks to do, but if you need to know how to prune climbing roses, just click on thehighlighted link right above, for instructions on the proper way to prune a climber.

Training Care For Climbing Roses

Roses do not climb by themselves, the way vines do.

You must train them, tie their canes to a support of some kind, if you want them to grow up a wall, arbor or post.

They can also be pegged to the ground, and trained to form unusual shapes.

When training a climber it's important to bend the canes for more blooms.

Make sure the end or tip of the long canes point downward.

Rose Care And Maintenance

The routine care of climbing roses is actually very much the same as for regular rose bushes.

Click on the highlighted link above to learn how to properly care for a climbing rose, or any rose, so they bloom better.

Winter Care For Climbing Roses

If you grow climbing rose in zones 5 and below, you need to protect your climbers for the coming winter, otherwise they most likely will not survive.

Click on the highligted link above for detailed steps to take to protect your climbers from the cold winter temperatures.


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