Care Of Roses

care of roses

How To Care For Roses

The care of roses, and how to care for roses once you bring them home is important. Caring for rose bushes isn't hard it's even fun once you know that care of rose bushes takes only a few minutes of your time every day.

Maybe you you bought some cut roses and need to know the care of cut roses, so they last longer.

Or maybe you have some carpet roses in your garden and need to find out about carpet roses care, or shrub rose care for your flowerbed. All kinds of roses care to make them grow well in your garden is what this page is all about. So scroll down and find all the rose care you need to take care of the roses in your garden no matter what kind of roses they are.

Care Of Cut Roses

care of roses

Picture Of Cut Roses

Once you bring the cut roses home from the florist or garden store, you'll want to take good care of the cut roses so they last long in a vase or arrangement.

Go to this page How To Care For Cut Roses for detailed instructions for making your cut rose flowerslast as long as possible.

Caring For Rose Bushes

care of roses

Knockout Shrub Roses In A Flowerbed

Shrub rose bushes are the easiest of all garden roses to care for. Based on my e-mails, most people know that the care of Knockout Roses, a great shrub rose, is so easy and these shrubs only require minimal rose care.

Click on the link for help with care of roses, knockout roses that is.

Carpet Roses Care

care of roses

Carpet Roses

How to care for roses such as Carpet roses is as easy as pie as my kids used to say. I have web page devoted just to flower carpet roses with all their rose care information.

Just click on this Carpet Roses Care link for all you need to know about carpet roses and their care.

Roses Winter Care

care of roses

Roses In Winter

If you live in a cold climate, you need to know how to provide winter care for roses, especially in zones 4 and below. For complete instructions including a video on Winterizing Roses click on this link.

Care Miniature Roses

care of roses

Peter Pan Miniature Roses

Do you have miniature roses? Taking care of them is actually very easy. They are grown on the own rooots, sothey are very winter hardy. Just cover them with a bit of mulch, just to be safe, about 8 inches or so, andthey will survive most winters.

For a complete guide about Care Of Miniature Roses click on this link.

Care Of Climbing Roses

care of roses

Eden Climbing Rose

How to care for climbing roses is easy if you know how to. For complete and detailed instructions about the care of climbing roses, go to this link Climbing Roses Care.

How To Care For Tea Roses

care of roses

The World's Most Famous Hybrid Tea, The Peace Rose

Hybrid tea roses are a bit more labor intensive than other

roses. In areas where they need significant winter care and protection, it's ideal if they are planted together, like in a cutting garden.

Read my page about Winterizing Roses for steps about their winter care of roses.

Hybrid tea roses are pruned more severely in late winter or spring than other roses. Pruning teas involve cutting out all spindly canes and only leaving the strongest.

Those canes should then be pruned to about 12 to 24 inches in height. you could even prune them lower if there are a lot of winter damage, to about 8 inches.

This severe pruning of hybrid tea roses encourages the rose to produce large blooms and strong canes. If you don't prune as much or very little, the rose will grow thin canes and small flowers.

care of roses


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