Carefree Wonder Rose

carefree wonder rose

Carefree Wonder Shrub Roses

Carefree Wonder rose, one of the best shrub roses, is tough and handsome, and a disease resistant shrub rose.

Modern shrub roses, are repeat-flowering, hardy, low maintenance shrubs.

In other words,'Carefree Wonder' shrub roses are easy roses to prune and take care of.

The rose bush bears a profusion of small clusters of double blooms, which covers the plant with an abundance of uninterupted display of rich pink flowers.

The rose flowers are lightly fragrant with a pale color reverse on their petals.

carefree wonder rose

Rose 'Carefree Wonder'

The picture of this rose shows how attractive and dense the bright green foilage is, and it's verydisease restistant to boot.

These shrub type roses variety are pretty, bushy growing, rather compact shrubs with reddish small thorns andlots of hips in the fall.

Shrub Roses Planting

carefree wonder rose

The 'Carefree Wonder' shrub, and landscape roses in general,

is very useful for planting in a flower border, oras a low hedge rose.

It's especially spectacular when planted in groups.

Be sure to plant this rose in a sunny spot in your garden that has soil that drains well.

Also when you dig the hole, it should measure 2 feet wide and 1 foot deep.

Amend your soil with plenty of composted manure, and after the rose is in the hole and planted, add a 2 inch layer of mulch around the base of the rose.

You should also add some slow-released rose fertilizer and deep water well.

How you plant the rose, is important because if you don't do the above it will not do as well as if you do.

Zones 3-9.


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