Caring For Rose Bushes
Care By The Season

caring for rose bushes

A Seasonal Rose Care Schedule

Caring for rose bushes on a regular maintenance schedule during spring, summer, fall and winter seasons, will make your roses healthier and more beautiful.

This page is about an organic rose care calendar guide with information about rose bush care per season.

Here is a great rose caring tip from a Rosarian: During the rose's first year, deadhead the flowers as usual, but don't remove any leaves.

Newly planted roses need all their leaves for energy to help them develop healthy and vigorous root systems.

caring for rose bushes

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Spring Rose Care Checklist

Remove winter mulch. Do it gradually, over a week or two. Plant bare root roses when all danger of frost is over.

Prune Roses. Late winter or early spring is the time to do the annual major pruning and shaping. (But not for old once-blooming roses, summer prune after flowering only).

Apply a good Rose Fertilizer and add a 2-3 inch layer of mulch.

Summer Rose Care Checklist

Plant potted roses anytime during summer. Deadhead spent rose blooms on a daily bases, or twice weekly.

Deep water your roses at least once or twice a week with a good soaking (about 5 gallons per plant, per week). More often if the weather is dry and/or hot.

Maintain and replenish mulch around the base of the plants to retain soil moisture. Fertilize every 3-4 weeks, or after flower flushes.

Fall Rose Care Checklist

Stop fetilizing 6 weeks before your expected first frost date, to encourage the rose bush to go dormant gradually.

Clear debris and fallen leaves around the roses. Do NOT prune.

Before the ground freezes, but after a good frost, deep water the rose for one last soak, so it goes into cold winter weather well hydrated.

When caring for rose bushes during fall, you can spray with an antidessicant to seal in moisture and help minimize the damage that comes from "freeze thaw cycles" that will come.

Winter Care For Roses

You need to protect your roses that grow where temperatures drop a lot below freezing and provide special care.

Caring for rose bushes during harsh winters can be challenging, so don't try to grow noisette's or hybrid tea roses in cold climate zones.

Some hardy varieties such as the Canadian Explorer series, and

Buck's roses are extremely cold hardy, and do not need a lot of protection during winter


However, it's always a good idea to add a 3 inch layer, or more, of mulch around the roses, to prevent winter-heaving out of the ground.

In areas where winter tempratures drop well below zero, it will take extra effort to protect them. Use appropriate wraps especially made for roses.

It goes without saying that that you should only grow those cultivars that are adapted to your climate.

Let the rose bush harden off and become used to the cold weather by exposing it to about two weeks of below freezing temperatures.

Then winterize your roses by covering them with mulch (about 18 inches) and other potective coverings (available at garden centers).

Be sure to bury the graft union. Spray with dormant oils and fungicides if necessary, to kill off any over-wintering fungus spores.


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