Caring For Roses

How To Care For Roses Guide

Caring for roses. A complete guide to healthy roses and care of roses information, that's what this page is all about.

The care you give your roses on a daily basis, has long term effect on their health, and how well they flower.

Roses require a bit more care and maintenance than the average garden plant.

But they are not difficult to grow. All that is required is a basic knowledge of a few simple rose care techniques.

caring for roses

Well Cared For Hybrid Tea Roses Against Fence

Basic Care Of Roses

Sart by growing a strong, disease resistant variety. Give it good soil and a sunny spot in your garden.

PLANTING: Dormant roses are usually sold in fiber pots or plastic containers.

Even though the labels may suggest planting the fiber pot and all, plants get off to a quicker start if you remove the fiber pots carefully.

Dig a hole deep enough (2 feet wide) so the plant's bud union (the grafting point) will sit at ground level in mild climates, or a couple of inches below in cold ones.

Position the rose in the hole and fill around it with soil amended with lots of compost.

Water slowly and thoroughly. Add more soil as needed.

WATER: Irregate deeply once a week. Plants need less water when rains are frequent, more in sandy soil and hot climates.

FERTLIZER: Start feeding when the canes have leafed out and produced about 4 inches of growth.

Use a complete granular fertilizer according to package instructions.

Always water before and after fertilizing.

Continue to feed during the growing season, every 3 weeks or so.

PRUNING: Annual pruning keeps your roses healthy and productive.

Floribundas and shrub roses need to be cut back by a third only, while hybrid teas benefit from a more aggressive pruning as they tend to grow leggy.

Give climbing roses a few years to grow long, flexible canes. Then prune the lateral growth back to 2 or 3 buds.

Links to More Rose Caring Tips

This page describes in detail the feeding, watering, grooming, mulching, and putting your roses to bed for the winter.

And complete instructions for pruning all kinds of roses.

Plus a special guide to preventing diseases, and identifying and solving insects problems.

Some roses are easier to care for than others. For example some old garden roses and many shrub roses demand less care than do hybrid teas and grandiflora roses.

These easy to care for roses need less pruning and are not as susceptible to rose diseases.

If you are worried about finding time to care for a rose garden, I recommend that you start small.

As you become more experienced about the care of roses, you can add to your garden, and increase your enjoyment of the "Queen of Flowers".


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