Carpet Roses

carpet roses

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The Flower Carpet roses, are also known as Heidetraum roses in Europe.

They are great roses that are incredibly healthy, and are covered with blooms all the time.

The 'Carpet' rose can be used as a small climber trained on a small trellis, or as a groundcover rose.

The flower carpets are especially great for landscaping a sunny slope.

It's being marketed as 'Flower Carpet' Roses in the English speaking countries.

Their long flowering season,and ripe orange hips in late fall are big pluses for these roses.

The 'Carpet' rose flowers are deep pink, almost crimson at first, with red buds.

They open cupped and are loosely double with a small white eye around yellow stamens.

These roses now are available in several colors, as the pictures below shows.

carpet roses

Picture Of pink 'Carpet' Roses Next To A Sidewalk

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The rose flowers fade to medium pink and the palest lilac

pink before dropping their petals cleanly.

No need to deadhead the 'Carpet' roses for repeat-blooms to appear in masses.

The flowers come in clusters of 10-20.

The leaves are dark, glossy and super healthy, because of their parentage of Rosa wichurana.

'Carpet' roses, or Heidetraum roses, are totally avoid of mildew, blackspot, or rust.

The fragrance is light and musky, and the flowering is almost continuous for a very long season.

Growing height is about 2.7 feet with a 3.3 foot spread, and the roses are hardy to zone 5.


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