Catalina Rose

catalina rose

Rose Bush Named Catalina

Catalina rose, a absolutely beautiful apricot pink hybrid tea rose bush.

It's actually a grandiflora hybrid tea rose with a very special color and flower form.

Grandiflora roses are hybrid teas, but the rose bushes grow larger, and the blooms are also larger, than a regular hybrid tea.

The rose bud has a classic shape and opens into huge, many petal rose flower on a long stem, perfect for a rose bouquet.

The rose bloom has a darker reverse, and the pink shade has a hint of yellow.

The lovely fragrance is a classic light tea rose scent, and the attractive foilage is a dark, glossy green color.

catalina rose

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The 'Catalina' rose bush is usually shipped bareroot and on its own root.

Have the hole dug before the arrival of the 'Catalina' rose, because you need to plant it immediately.

The planting hole should be 2 feet wide and about 1 foot deep.

The reason the hole should be wide is because the feeder roots grow wide rathern than deep.

I always plant my roses using Miracle Grow For Roses Soil, because it has all the nutrients the rose needs to get off to a good start.

You will need one bag of soil per rose bush hole.

But before you plant, you need to soak the roots in a bucket of water, overnight, to plump up the roots.

The 'Catalina' is an an exclusive rose. It will grow to 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide in full sun.


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