Catmint Plants To Grow With Roses


Nepeta Walker Low 'Catmint'

Catmint plants for sale! Nepeta Walkers Low is the best ornamental Nepeta variety to grow with your roses.

And the funny thing is, this is the 'Catmint' that cat's leave alone. I love that!

Buy the plant, or if you really like 'Catmint' for your feline friends, buy 'Catmint' plant seeds here, while supply lasts.

There are giant varieties, however I don't recommend them for growing with your roses.


Nepeta Walkers Low In A Garden

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Catmint - Little Titch

Catmint - Walkers Low

Catmint - Little Titch

Catmint - Sweet Dreams

Catmint - Walkers Low

Catmint - Walkers Low

How To Grow 'Catmint' Plants

Nepeta x fassenii 'Catmint' is a wonderful source of blue for the front of your hybrid tea roses.

They hide the 'bare lower legs' of hybrid teas, and the billowing masses of blue flowers will look stunning in your garden.

The fast growing 'Catmint' plants grow in mound like clumps with scented gray green foilage.

By the way 'Catmint' is actually an herb.

Care Of 'Catmint'

Plant it in well drained soil, the same as for roses, with average moisture.

They tolerate hot weather, wind and even drought.

Deadhead by shearing, after the first spring flowering flush.

If your growing season is long (warmer climates), shearing after each bloom cycle, will keep the plant blooming very long.

Divide plants every 5 to 6 years, to keep them vigorous and blooming.

Cut 'Catmint' plants back in early spring each year.


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