Cecile Brunner Rose Identification

by Kate

Supposed Cecile Brunner blooming

Supposed Cecile Brunner blooming

Supposed Cecile Brunner blooming

The Real Cecile Brunner Rose

Dear Annelie,

My name is Kate.
My favorite rose that my mother had growing in her garden in California were Cecile Brunner roses. We had many many bushes of them. She would clip the blooms and make tiny flower bouquets with them around the house.

I know the rose well in all stages of bloom.

Two years ago I purchased some rootling roses (about 6 inches tall) from a grower in Florida about 2 hours from where I live. They were advertised as Cecile Brunner roses.

They were clippings that had grown roots and I planted them.It has taken two years to bloom.

Imagine my disappointment when I saw the first blooms. At first I thought they were Cecile Brunners.... before they really opened. But the smell was not the same.. and when they opened they have a yellow fuzzy center that I do not associate with Cecile Brunner roses.

Here is a photo. I would be most obliged if you would tell me if you think these are Cecile Brunner roses, or the more common climbing rose.

Thank you ever so much.


Dear Kate,
The pictures you sent are not Cecile Brunner roses.
I have added a picture from my garden in Los Angeles of the real Cecile Brunner rose.

Your images does not look like that at all.
Here is my page about climbing Cecile Brunner.
I suggest you buy a real Cecile Brunner rose. The flowers smell divine.

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