Cecille Brunner Climbers

by Kristine
(Sequim, Washington)

QUESTION: We live in the PNW - Olympic Peninsula at 850 feet elevation.

I have 4 beautiful mature Cecille Brunner climbers 12 years old.

After two harsh winters, they have very little life to them left.

I am so sad! Just one or two canes are producing some leaf per plant thus far this season.

They are 20 feet or so long with multiple canes gracing in arch form over our windows. What should I do?

Cut the 90% out and see if one or two canes survive?

It may take years to get them to look great again...or should I just start anew with a hardier pink climber?

If so, what hardy fragrant constant bloomer would you suggest?

Does Yves Piaget come in a climbing variety? I saw one in Portland at the famous rose gardens there and loved it.

But can't find it. SOS...
Thank you for your help, Kristine in the PNW.

ANSWER: Hi Kristine,

THe climbing Cecille Brunner roses, need to have old non-producing canes removed at the base.

This should be done yearly after the rose is established a few years.

If you don't do this you will end up with a mess like you are facing now.

Go ahead and remove all non-producing canes at the base.

You need a pruning saw to do this.

Also cut back all lateral flowering shoots to about 3 inches on the canes you kept.

This will promote flowering.

Give them some rose food and mulch, and regular watering during the season.

Climbing roses are not very hardy, especially the new varieties.

The antique old climbing roses are more cold hardy.

Yves Piaget doesn't have a climbing sport that I know of.

For old antique climbers I recommend www.vintagegardens.com
They have the best selection of antique fragrant climbers in the USA,
I bought mine from them.
Best Regards,

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