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Cheapest Roses Online

Cheap roses for sale at those huge garden centers, or offers of cheapest roses online, are very tempting, and I'll admit to having succumbed to buying low priced discount roses myself.

Here are some tips and advice for buying rose bushes that are cheap or discounted, online or from mega stores.

However, you need to be careful and only buy these roses from reputable dealers that will give you a guarantee.

But keep in mind these discounted, low priced roses, are never first grade products, usually third quality.

They more than likely will not give you a fabulous rose bush in the end, based on my own personal experience.

Discount Roses

There are other things to consider before you jump to "take advantage of a steal".

There are a lot of work and preparation that goes into planting a shrub, especially a rose bush.

Site preparation, soil amendments, digging the hole etc. Lots of time and energy is invested, not to mention the expectation of beautiful roses in the near future.

In my opinion, low priced rose bushes are not worth the heartache they bring when you realize you are not going to have the result you expected.

I get e-mails from sad people all the time, asking me how come the rose they bought at the grocery store or one of those Mega stores, isn't growing, it's actually getting smaller and some wilted and died.

So now when you know the pitfalls, you know what to expect, when you purchase discount rose bushes.


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