Cherokee Rose

cherokee rose

The Cherokee Rose Flower

Cherokee rose, Rosa Laevigata, a wild rose and the officialstate flower of Georgia. The beautiful white scented rose flowers have large golden centers.

This 'Cherokee' rose is best suited for a large nature garden, as the 'Cherokees' develop underground root runners and can quickly take over a garden and an area.

If you have a large rural property with lots of room, and enjoy rose hips for jams and soups. This is a great rose, as 'Cherokee' roses requires no maintenance, and become quite drought resistant, if deep watered regulary until established (about 3 years).

Georgia 'Cherokee' Rose

cherokee rose

Picture of 'Cherokee' Rose

Cherokee is an evergreen climbing rose with lots of thorns and bright green foilage that grows up to 15 feet in warmer climates. It needs protection or a sheltered warm place in colder areas. 'Cherokee' rose is actually best suited for warmer climate zones.

The green stems have reddish thorns and glossy green leaves that are made up of just three leaflets. The scented 'Cherokee' rose flowers appear in late spring and then there is a second flowering in the fall.

cherokee rose

Image of 'Cherokee' Rose

The rose hips are oval to pear shaped and orange in color at first, but change to brown as they age. The 'Cherokee' roses have become naturalized in several southern states of the USA.

The Legend of the Cherokee Rose

During the year 1838, the Cherokee People were forced to move West, when the white man discovered gold on the homeland in the East.

The journey West, became known as the 'trail of tears 'Cherokee' rose, as the Cherokee Indians, started planting these roses along the trail where their tears had fallen.

Legend has it that the plentiful golden stamens, in the middle of the white rose flowers, reminded the Cherokees of the gold that was found on their land in the East, and the white mans greed.

That's why the name of the rose is derived from the Cherokee Indians, who planted the 'Cherooke' roses everywhere. Zones 5-10, height 15 feet.


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