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Chicago Peace rose, a Hybrid tea rose, also known as 'Peace' rose in English, 'Gioia' rose in Italian, and 'Gloria Dei' rose in Germany.

Rose 'Chicago Peace' is an offspring of these roses.

First discovered in Chicago, hence its name, it's exactly the same as its parents in everything except its color, which is much brighter, deeper and richer.

The 'Chicago Peace' rose is strawberry red and peach, where the original 'Peace' rose is pink and yellow.

chicago peace rose

Otherwise the thick flower petals, and attractive shape, and healthy foilage are all identical to those of its parents.

The color of the blooms varies according to the weather and the season.

It does the best in cool climate zones, but it is an excellent rose, very easy and rewarding, no matter where it is grown.

The 'Chicago Peace' rose repeat flowers very well and the fragrance is medium and sweet.

Since this is a hybrid tea rose, it would be great for a cutting garden.

Its long stemmed flowers are actually very stunning in a vase.

If you plant this rose in a flower bed, remember to underplant it with low growing perennials to hide the bare 'legs' of the rose.

Hybrid tea roses are notorious for having lower canes that are bare with no or little foilage.

The origin of the 'Chicago Peace' rose is Meilland, France, 1945. Hardy to Zone 5. Height 4.9 feet (1.5 m).


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