Choosing Roses

Choosing The Right Roses

Here are some good tips for choosing roses for your landscape and garden. So before you buy any roses read this page carefully to avoid selecting the wrong rose for you garden.

With so many roses to choose from, how do you decide which ones to grow in your own garden? Choosing the right rose is very important, and it's easy to get excited and make impulse purchases when shopping around for roses.

knockout rose bush

Knockout Rose Bush

But if you want a rose that's going to be happy growing in your garden's climate zone and conditions, you need to do some research first.

The list of tips for choosing a rose that I have put together below will help you decide what type of rose to buy.

Tips For Choosing The Right Rose

  • Do you want a rose for a flowerbed or border, maybe a container or an arbor or trellis?
  • What kind of space do you have? If you only have a small garden or patio, you should limit yourself to smaller more compact rose bushes or smaller climbers.
  • Bloom colors are another thing to keep in mind when choosing the right rose. Some gardeners prefer bright oranges and reds, while others like pastel shades.
  • I love fragrant roses myself, so if fragrance is important to you, be sure to buy roses with very fragant flowers.
  • How much time do you have to care for your roses? Many hybrid tea roses are susceptible to disease, and would need attention to disease control.
  • What kind of growing conditions do you have? You need to know the hardiness zone you live in. Refer to the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map availabe on this page, if you are not sure.

One you have a wish list, it's time to do your research. The best place to get advice for choosing roses is from gardeners who are already growing roses in your area.

They can tell you which roses perform the best in your local weather conditions.

If you can't find anyone to get advice from you can contact the American Rose Society at to see if there is a local Rose Society in your area.

They have very experienced rose gardeners who are also volenteers.

You can also ask me personally by contacting me directly here.

I will be happy to give you any information about roses that you may have.


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