Clematis Armandii

clematis armandii

Pruning And Care of Armandii Clematis

Clematis armandii characteristics are that it's an evergreen clematis species with showy white fragrant flowers and shiny dark leaves.

Armandi clematis is a very vigorous, evergreen climber with masses of small, white, vanilla scented flowers that are blooming in early spring.

This clematis plant will climb through trees, and quickly cover a shed, wall, a large trellis, pergola or arbor.

You must have a strong support for armandii clematis if you plan to grow one in your garden.

So take a tour of your garden and find the proper planting spot for armandii, where it can grow, without having to be cut back drastically.

Also it's cold tender and should only be planted in warm climates zones 7-9.

It's best planted in a sunny, sheltered spot, out of harsh winds, with adequate support.

A bit slow to start but starts growing fast once it's established.

clematis armandii

Pruning Armandii Clematis

This clematis variety belongs to Group 1 (There are three types of clematis).

The clematis plants that belong to Group 1 are early flowering and require the least drastic pruning.

C. armandii blooms on old wood, so it should only be pruned after flowering is finished.

Although the plants can be left unpruned, they will benefit from being thinned out, rewarding you with a more abundant flower display the next year.

Do some pruning every year after bloom to avoid build up of dead thatch and tangling on the inner part of the vine.

Then prune to shape. The main aim is to try to create an airy open framework of stems, removing any that have formed a dense thicket.

Cut the stems back to a healthy pair of buds with pruners, but as a general rule, do not cut back too hard.

You should only be tydying up these clematis and keeping them within bounds.

C. Armandii Varieties

Popular varieties include 'Apple Blossoms' (pinkish white flowers), 'Snowdrift' (pure white blooms), 'Hendersonii Rubra' (soft pink flowers, reddish bronze new growth.

Where To Buy Armandii Clematis

This link will take you to a clematis nursery where you can buy this plant.


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