Clematis Varieties

clematis varieties

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Clematis varieties such as Earnest Markham and the evergreen Armandii clematis variety plants are very popular, and also very beautiful.

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You'll be delighted with the many varieties of clematis species to choose from.

Clematis vines of different varieties are perfect companion plants for roses.

Grow clematis and roses for a spectacular clematis and rose garden design by intertwining climbing roses with a clematis or two.

What roses are companions to clematis? Climbing roses of course.

But actually any rose bush would be a fine companion to the smaller and clematis types.

I particulary like to combine the climbing, yellow Rosa banksiae 'Lutea' with a mauve clematis variety.

I makes for such a wonderful flower display that will dazzle you.

clematis varieties

Clematis Jackmanii With Bonica Roses

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But you can also grow a rose bush with a clematis plant. Just look at the picture above, courtesy of

Isn't that a just wonderful garden display. You can copy this idea. Just plant a few Bonica rose bushes on one side of a fence, and on the other side plant a clematis, and help the vine to twine with the rose canes.

It's important to know what types of clematis group your plant belongs to, for when and how to prune a clematis.

Pruning clematis depends on which one of the three groups it belongs to.

Here Are A few Of My Favorite
Clematis Vines

  • C. Jackmanii
  • C. Sweet Autumn
  • C. Armandii
  • C. Ernest Markham
  • C. Paniculata
  • C. Nelly Moser
  • C. Blue Light
  • C. Henryi
  • C. The President
  • C. Josephine

Pictures of Clematis Varieties
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Clematis - Alan Bloom

Clematis - Andromeda

Clematis - Arctic Queen

Clematis - Avant GardeGäó

Clematis - Baltyk

Clematis - Barbara Harrington

Clematis - Beauty of Worcester

Clematis - Blue

Clematis - Blue Angel

Clematis - Blue Light

Clematis - Blue Ravine

Clematis - Bonanza

Clematis - Bourbon

Clematis - Candida

Clematis - Cardinal Wyszynski

Clematis - Carnaby

Clematis - Carnival

Clematis - Cassis

Clematis - Charissima

Clematis - Choice Collection

Clematis - Clair de Lune

Clematis - Climador

Clematis - Countess Of Lovelace

Clematis - Crystal FountainGäó

Clematis - Dawn

Clematis - Deluxe Collection

Clematis - Duchess of Albany

Clematis - Empress

Clematis - Ernest Markham

Clematis - Fireworks

Clematis - Florida Plena

Clematis - Florida Sieboldii

Clematis - Franziska MariaGäó

Clematis - Freckles

Clematis - Galore

Clematis - Guernsey Cream

Clematis - Hagley Hybrid

Clematis - Henryi

Clematis - Huldine

Clematis - Ice Blue

Clematis - Jackmanii

Clematis - JosephineGäó

Clematis - Ken Donson

Clematis - Kilian Donahue

Clematis - Kingfisher Evipo037

Clematis - Kullus

Clematis - Malaya Garnet

Clematis - Marie Louise Jensen

Clematis - Mayleen

Clematis - Minister

Clematis - Mme. Julia Correvon

Clematis - My Angel

Clematis - Nelly Moser

Clematis - Niobe

Clematis - Patricia Ann Fretwell

Clematis - Pink Climador

Clematis - Prince Charles

Clematis - Princess Diana

Clematis - Purpurea Plena Elegans

Clematis - Rahvarinne

Clematis - Ramona

Clematis - Rebecca

Clematis - Reiman

Clematis - Rhapsody

Clematis - Rubens

Clematis - Ruby Glow

Clematis - Ruutel

Clematis - Silmakivi

Clematis - Sunset

Clematis - Suzanne

Clematis - Sweet Autumn

Clematis - Terniflora

Clematis - Teshio

Clematis - The President

Clematis - The Vagabond

Clematis - Tie Dye

Clematis - Venosa Violacea

Clematis - Vienetta TM Evipo006 (N)

Clematis - Ville De Lyon

Clematis - Vyvyan Pennell

Clematis - Warsaw Nike

Clematis - Will Goodwin

Clematis Collection


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