Clematis-Terniflora With Climbing Roses

by Shanda Jones
(Northern Washington State)

I am an infant at gardening. Truly. I would love to know if I can plant Clematis-Terniflora behind something like Mister Lincoln or Papa Meilland as a backdrop. I think the contrast would be beautiful, especially since it looks like this Clematis will grow taller than the ML and PM (if I keep it pruned shorter). Please forgive me if this is a silly question; I warned you: INFANT!
Thank you for your time; your website is absolutely inspiring! And your wealth of knowledge, staggering!
Shanda Jones

Hi Shanda,
First let me tell you that roses and clematis are made for ech other.
The clematis will not form a backdrop, it will actually use the rose canes and twine around them and upward.
The rose canes are the perfect size for clematis vines to cling to.
And it looks beautiful.
So go ahead and plant them together.
Here is my page about clematis and roses.
Best Regards,

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