Climbing Cecile Brunner Rose

climbing cecile brunner rose

Growing Cecile Brunner
Climbing Rose

Climbing Cecile Brunner Rose, syns. Climbing Mme Cecile Brunner, Mlle Cecile Brunner rose, Climbing Mignon, Climbing Sweetheart Rose, a rose known for many names, is a very vigorous climber.

The picture below shows Cecile Brunner rose actually climbing up a large tree.

Some of the climbing Polyantha roses, such as climbing 'Cecile Brunner', can grow to terrific heights if allowed to. This is a good example for that.

climbing cecile brunner rose

The climber 'Cecile Brunner' rose has been growing here for many years and been allowed to ramble up the tree.

I love driving by this house and take in the view. I usually stop or slow down to get a good look.

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Climbing 'Cecile Brunner' is a long lived polyantha rose variety, classified as an Old Garden Rose, and as a China by some authorities.

An almost thornless climbing rose, it will grow to fantastic heights, so it needs a very strong large support, as it could cover a whole house.

It produces large clusters of very small, perfectly shaped pink blooms reminiscent of those sometimes seen on china roses.

The scent is sweet and slightly spicy. It's known as a summer flower, but will flower sporadically into autumn.

The foilage is of a sage green color and very healthy.

My sister is growing this climbing rose on a strong high wire fence in her backyard.

It put's on a spectacular show of blooms in early summer for several weeks and perfumes her whole garden.

Needless to say it's my sisters favorite rose. Zones 5-9, height up to 40 feet or more.

climbing cecile brunner rose

Here, in the picture above, is the same climbing rose trained up a wall.

This 'Cecile Brunner' has also been growing here for years.

It has been pruned back quite severely from time to time after flowering; every few years or so, according to the owner, to keep it in bounds.

When I took this picture the perfume from the 'Cecile Brunner' was unbelievable, so delicious, it's hard to describe.

Pruning A Cecile Brunner Climbing Rose

Every one or two years, or when there are enough shoots more than three), remove the oldest at the base of the rose.

This will encourge new canes from the base and a better flower production.

Cecile Brunner Rose History

The climbing Cecile Brunner rose, Mlle Cecile Brunner rose, was named after the daughter of Urlich Brunner, a famous rose grower in Lausanne, Switzerland.

climbing cecile brunner rose


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