Climbing New Dawn Rose
To Cover Stumps

by Robin
(Spangle, Washington, USA)

QUESTION: I am looking for a climbing rose to cover stumps.

I live in a very rural area near Spokane, Washington, which is usually classified as rose Zone 5.

We have a cleared area around our house which is already landscaped.

But I want to do something to cover up what I think of as very unattractive stumps that were pulled out of the ground to bulldoze our 600-foot driveway.

I would say the stumps are about 4-5 feet high and are lying on their sides with roots showing.

These stumps are all gathered in one location, so in that sense at least they're only spoiling one area of what is otherwise a pretty setting with lots of Ponderosa pines and natural ground cover type plants.

I would love to be able to plant a climbing rose and let it run wild over the stumps.

Would climbing New Dawn rose be a candidate for such a use?

If not New Dawn, would climbers in general be good for my purpose?

The area is located on the edge of the forest, which is not shady in that location.

It gets a lot of sun. As far north as we live, the days are extremely long in the summers.

The total area encompassed by these ugly stumps is at least 15 X 15 - maybe bigger.

My soil is not clay. I am very willing to water regularly; it's not as if I expect something for which I will have to provide no care.

Thank you for any help or guidance you can offer.

ANSWER: Hi Robin! I think the New Dawn climbing rose would work.

However, the Climbing Cecile Brunner rose might work better, and cover the stumps better.

It will also put on a spectacular flower show in that area.

The reason I think Cecile Brunner rose would be better than the New Dawn rose, is that the foilage is denser, and would cover the stupms better.
Best Regards,

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