Climbing Old Blush Rose

climbing old blush rose

Old Blush Climber China Rose

Climbing Old Blush rose, a form of Old Blush China rose, and old antique China rose that has been growing in China and Asia for a thousand years.

No one seems to really know when the climbing form of Old Blush rose first appeared, but it has been cultivated and growing in Britain since around 1750. So it's an old antique rose for sure.

Climbing 'Old Blush' rose is known as one of the best of all climbing roses. It was originally valued because it flowers perpetually, unlike the Wild Roses from which it's descended.

It's also one of the most influential rose of all time, and the bush form is a key player in the creation of all modern repeat-blooming roses.

Growing Old Blush Climbing Rose

climbing old blush rose

Picture of the Climber Old Blush

The blooms are quite a bit larger than the Old Blush bush form. The slender almost thornless canes are easy to train and wind around arches, poles and pergolas.

The flower color is a silvery pink with deep mauve shadings. The fragrance is wonderful, the blooms smell like Sweet Peas, and we all know how delicious Sweet Peas smell.

climbing old blush rose

This rose will flower perpetually in warm climates, such as California, Florida and the South. In cold climates, where it will go dormant, it's one of the first roses to bloom in the spring and also the last.

The climbing 'Old Blush' will climb quite high, and it's great for arbors and pergolas.

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Zones 6-10, height 16 feet, (5 m).


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