Climbing Rose Cuttings

QUESTION: I have two very large climbing rose vines that my friend would like to have cuttings from.

As I am not quite what you call green thumbed, I was wondering if there is a difference in technique in taking a cutting from a climbing rose as opposed to a normal bush?

Thank you and I look forward to your reply.
Best regards
Ty Lusk

ANSWER: Hi Ty! Taking cuttings to propagate roses is no different than from any rose bush.

You simply take them from the lateral shoots of the climbing rose you would like to take cuttings from.

Just make sure you never take climbing rose cuttings from the long canes, from where the lateral flowering canes (shoots) grow from.

Here is my page about how to grow roses from cuttings.

This page about growing roses from cuttings will help your friend out, so be sure he reads it ok.
Best Regards,

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