Climbing Rose Plants

by Syed Ilyas
(Mysore, Karnataka, India)

QUESTION: I have a white rose plant which is a climbing rose.

However it needs support to go up and doesn't climb on its own.

It grows to many feet high roughly about 2 meters, and is used to decorate houses if allowed to grow over.

When blooming, it gives 100s of flowers at one time which stay for long duration. This plant has little fragrance.

I planted this kind of plant in a big pot aroung 3 feet in diameter.

The original place from where I bought this rose, is also in a similar location but in a different place, and is growing well with blooms all over.

I recently repotted my rose and added all essential manures required.

The plant is growing well but hasn't bloomed for 4 months now.

What is the reason, and when will the flowers bloom as this is the right season for flowers to bloom?

ANSWER: Hi Syed! Climbing roses don't climb on their own.

Their long canes need to be tied to a support such as a trellis, or fence.

The reason I think your climber isn't blooming is because it was re-potted.

It lost some feeder roots, and most likely had some transplant shock.

This happens, so the climber might not bloom this season, as it lost the energy to produce blooms, because of the transplant.

But next season, after having new feeder roots in a larger pot, you'll see plenty of blooms.

QUESTION 2: I have a pink rose plant which is very fragrant when blooming.

The problem is, the flowering shoots grow slowly even when I deadhead the blooms.

I provide proper water, and the water drainage is good.

I also provide manure and fertilizer on a regular basis.

The problem is when a new stem starts growing the old stem starts to die off.

This leaves only one stem all seasons and I have this plant for 8 years now and it is doing the same from the beginning.

The place where I bought the rose plant had one growing there, and it doesn't do this.

The weather condition is almost similar, please provide reason and solution?

ANSWER: I am not sure why this rose is slow to re-bloom, and why when a new cane starts growing the old cane dies off.

But here is what I think: the rose is 8 years old, and at times old roses will do this, as the the canes starts to be less productive when older.

Newer canes are more productive, but when a new cane starts to grow, an older cane looses all energy, as the plant is putting a lot of energy into the new canes.
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