Climbing Rose Trellis

Rose Bush Trellis Designs

Using a climbing rose trellis is great for any rose that has long arching canes, even a rose bush that is not classified as a climber.

It's easy to tie the canes to the rose trellis. I like using the clear plastic tape ties to train the rose canes to the trellis.

A handsome trellis design that is covered with a climbing rose can be a piece of art, turning a blank wall into a focal point.

Trellises come in many shapes and sizes, and are constructed from a variety of materials, such a s wood, metal and plastic.

It can be attached to a fence post, or deck railing, for an inexpensive privacy screen.

The popular lattice trellis desing is perfect for mounting on walls and fences.

I personally think a rose garden trellis covered with a climbing rose is one of the prettiest thing you can do for your garden, patio, deck or balcony.

I think you should have several rose trellises in your garden. I have several rose covered trellises myself. Here is one in the picture below

If you like to find a rose trellis for your garden, this company below have the best trellis selection out there and their prices can't be beat.

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That's the company I bought most of my trellises from, and I recommend them highly.

Trellis and Containers

Climbing roses can also be growing in a large container, just make sure the container is very large and has 3 drainage holes.

Never put the container on a saucer that will collect water, unless you want to kill the rose, because roses hate "wet feet".

Climbers growing in containers are perfect for livening up dull walls, buildings, patios and sunny balconies.


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