Climbing Roses For Privacy

QUESTION: I am considering planting a Sally Holmes climbing rose for privacy.

I would like to use it for decoration and privacy in front of a window.

My question is, will it lose its leaves in the winter?

If so, is there another climbing rose variety you would recommend that will not lose its leaves?

I live in California, in planting Zone 8.

Thank you in advance for your help.


ANSWER: Hi Lisa,

I don't know exactly where you live in California.

But roses do go dormant during late November, December and January. Even into February.

I garden in Los Angeles, and my Sally Holmes climber needs to be pruned in early January.

To help it go dormant I strip all leaves off it when I prune it in January.

This helps to stop over-wintering diseases, and also helps it gain strengh to grow and produce lots of blooms in the new season.

Climbing roses, or any rose bush, will not give you privacy 100% of the time.

Because when you prune it in late winter, (Southern California) it will not have enough foilage to cover a window etc.

Sally Holmes is a wonderful climbing rose, however, like all roses, it will have a downtime.

So if you like 100% privacy during all seasons, maybe you should consider an evergreen shrub or climber.

Another thing to remember, all roses, need a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight per day, during the season to bloom well.

So if you don't have that, you should not even consider planting a rose there.

Also climbing roses don't climb on their own, and will need a support, such as a strong wide trellis, to be trained on, so you need to have one in front of your window.

Maybe the trellis will give you some privacy during the "off time".
Best Regards,

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