Climbing Roses Winter Protection

Winterizing Climbing Roses

Climbing roses winter protection and how to provide winter care for a climbing rose, Winterizing Roses is something you need to know if you live in a cold winter climate area, such as Minnesote or Canada, or in zones below 6.


climbing roses winter protection

Roses In Winter

Protecting climbing roses against cold winter weather is important, because climbing roses are more upright and therefore much more exposed to cold weather and drying winds.


Instructions For Winter Care Of Climbing Roses

If the rose is tied to a wall, trellis or fence, untie the climbing rose canes and wrap them in insulating material (the way you'd wrap the pipes to keep them from freezing). Then retie the canes to the wall, trellis or fence.

If you need to cut the canes back a bit to make it easier, go ahead. You must also cover the base of the plant with at least a foot of soil and added mulch, like you would do when Winterizing Rose Bushes.

Another way to do it is to detach the canes from the trellis and lay the whole plant down on its side onthe ground, staking it in place, and then cover the whole thing with a foot, or more, of soil and mulch, and other insulating material, such as burlap or foam insulation.

When the weather warms in the spring, gently remove the covering and retie the rose to its structure.

I know it's a chore to unwind canes that are wowen trough pergolas and trellises, so if you don't want to do that, you have to get creative.

Here is one idea that would leave your canes where they are.

Buy some horticultural fleece by the yard and staple it to the pergola or trellis.

You have to cover the entire top of the pergola and the sides on both sides, so measure before you buy the fleece so you will have enough.

Don't forget to add a foot of mulch around the base.

Another important thing is to make sure the climber is well hydrated going into the winter season.

Deep water before the ground freezes real well, so the canes will be hydrated and it will help the rose survive the winter so much better.

Winter Protection For Tree Roses

Dig up your Tree Roses and store them for winter in a cool garage or basement. Wrap the roots in burlap, or other insulation.

Or dig only one side of the Tree roses roots so that it can lie on its side. Then stake it in place, so itssecured and wont move in the wind. Cover the whole thing with soil, mulch and other insulating material.


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