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Best Roses That Climb
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List of the best climbing roses, top rose bushes that climb, rose varieties and pictures of climbers, that what's this page is all about.

It's important to select the right climbing rose for the support you have in mind to train it on.

Some climbers grow extremely large and could cover a whole house if you let it.

So before you decide which climbing rose you would like make sure it will fit your support, such as an arch, arbor, trellis, fence or wall.

Gardeners looking for vertical plants can find the best ones in climbers and ramblers.

The long pliable canes can be trained onto vertical supports such as walls, pillars and arbors, or along ropes and chains, creating beautiful rose swags.

Well-sited and properly supported, a climbing rose makes an attractive backdrop for garden accessories and other flowers.


Best Rose Climbing Bushes, the American Rose Society's top rated climbers.

Pruning Climbing Rose Bushes, the correct way.

How To Grow a Climber, cultivation tips.

How To Train Them, how to train for more blooms.

Rose Trellises, find a great looking trellis for your climber.

Climbing Rose Care How to care for climbing rose bushes.

Winter Protection, winterizing rose climbers.

Types Of Roses That Climb

Below are different colored climber rose types and varieties listed by color. You can browse here for Rose Climber buying information


climbing roses

Joseph's Coat

rose climbing bushes

Blue Moon

rose climbing bushes

Fourth Of July

rose climbing bushes

Angel Face

rose climbing bushes


rose climbing bushes

Golden Showers

rose climbing bushes

Orange Velvet

rose climbing bushes


rose climbing bushes

Queen Elizabeth

rose climbing bushes

Rhode Island

rose climbing bushes

Show Garden

rose climbing bushes

Viking Queen

<b>rose climbing plants</b>

American Beauty

<b>rose climbing plants</b>


rose climbing bushes

New Dawn

rose climbing bushes

William Baffin

rose climbing plants

Zephirine Drouhin

rose climbing plants

Don Juan

Malinda's 'Daddy's' Rose

climbing roses

Here is a just beautiful red climbing rose. The picture was given to me by one of my visitors Malinda from Kentucky.

It was grown from a cutting taken form here daddy's climber. He has since passed away. Malinda calls this rose 'Daddy's Rose".

Malinda doesn't know the name of this climber. It looks like the "Blaze" rose to me.

I think this is such a beautiful story, so I wanted to share it with everyone.

So don't hesitate to ask for a cutting from your loved ones garden roses.

Types Of Red Rose Climbers

All Ablaze rose:

Cherry red, slight spice fragrance, hardy, upright, 9-12 feet tall.

Altissimo Rose:

Velvety deep red, slightly fragrant, does well in all climates, 8-10 feet tall.

Blaze Rose:

Pure red, slightly fragrant, hardy, most popular climber, 12-14 feet.

Don Juan Rose:

Deep crimson red, intense rose fragrance, wide, needs large space, 12-14 feet tall.

Dublin Bay Rose:

Clear velevety red, moderately fragrant, does well in all climates, 9-12 feet tall.

Fourth Of July Rose:

Velvety red with white stripes, sweet rose and apple scent, AARS award winning rose, hardy, 10-14 feet tall.

Handel Rose

Red blend, no gragrance, bi-color blooms, cool climate is best for color, hardy, 10-12 feet tall.

Red Eden Rose:

Deep burgundy red, slightly fragrant, Romantica series rose, 10 feet or more tall.

Stairway To Heaven Rose:

Medium red, light sweet fragrance, rapid growth and vigor, 10-12 feet tall.

Dortmund Rose:

Red with yellow centers, light to strong scent, virtually disease proof, tlorates cool summers well, to 12 feet tall or more in warmer climate

Types Of Pink Roses Climbers

America Climbing Rose:

a super fragrant salmon pink rose with few thorns, a moderate climber.

Blush Rambler Rose:

Light pink with white centers, flowers with profusion, almost thornless, needs strong support, 15 feet tall.

Blush Noisette Rose:

Pale lilac pink, spicy fragrance, a warm climate rose, new growth almost thornless, disease resistant, 10 feet tall.

Cape Diamond Rose:

A pure pink rose that is hardy, disease free and very fragrant as well. Silvery foilage, a smaller climber.

Candy Land Rose:

Pink striped ivory, moderate apple fragrance, highly resistant to black spot, 10-12 fee tall.

Cecile Brunner Rose:

Pale pink, sweet and spicy scent, almost thornless, grows to fantastic heights, needs a very strong support, 40 feet or more tall.

Coral Dawn Rose:

Rosy pink with yellow centers, very fragrant, everblooming, great for pergolas, 10-15 feet tall.

Dream Weaver Rose:

Coral pink, slightly fragrant, abundant blooms, spreading, 10-12 feet tall.

Eden Rose

Carmine pink, slightly fragrant, heavy foilage, spreading, 10-12 feet tall.

Francios Juranville Rambler Rose:

Salmon pink with yellow base, moderate apple scent, abundant bloomer, 10-15 feet tall.

High Hopes Rose:

Medium pink, sweet strawberry scent, great pillar rose, blackspot in humid climates, 10-12 feet tall.

High Society:

Deep magenta pink, light damask scent, vigorous and well-branched, 12-14 feet tall.

New Dawn Rose:

Blush pink, moderate sweet rose scent, Hall of Fame 1997, hardy and disease resistant, needs lots of room, 18-20 feet tall.

Old Blush Rose:

Silvery pink with mauve shadins, sweet pea fragrance, almost thornless, blooms perpetually in warm climates, 10-12 feet tall.

Pauls Himalayan Musk Rambler:

Blush lilac pink, moderately fragrant, hardy, needs lots of room, up to 20 feet tall.

Pearly Gates:

Light pink, strong spicy sweet scent, late bloomer but huge gorgeous blooms all summer through fall, 8-14 feet tall.


Copper salmon light pink, strong prevading old rose scent, very healthy with great flower production, 10-12 feet tall.

Rosarium Uetersen:

Deep pink, moderately fragrant, hardy, does well in most climates, 12-14 feet tall.

Soaring Spirits Rose:

Deep pink with white and yellow stripes, moderate apple scent, huge clusters of everchanging flowers, in Memory of those who perished Sept 11, 2001, 12 feet or taller.

Social Climber:

Deep pink, moderate spicy scent, one of the better new climbers, small patio or balcony climber, 6 feet tall.

Summer Wine:

Deep pink, sweet but light scent, long lived blooms, 12-15 feet tall.

William Baffin:

Peppermint pink, no fragrance, very winter hardy, very disease free, 8-12 feet tall.

Zephirine Drouhin Rose:

Raspberry pink, rich old rose perfume fragrance, virtually thornless, a great Bourbon climber, 8-12 feet tall.

Constance Spry:

Medium pink, very fragrant, once-bloomig only, 15 feet tall.

John Cabot Rose:

Deep pink, very fragrant, one of the Canadian Explorer roses, very hardy, modest climber or large arching shrub rose, 8 feet tall.

Bantry Bay:

Rosy pink with golden stamens, slightly fragrant, good disease resistance, usually 10 feet sometimes reaching 15 feet tall.

Types Of Yellow Roses Climbers

Jacobs Robe Rose:

Yellow blend with pink and red tones, slight spicy scent, disease resistant and hardy, 10-12 feet tall.

Josephs Coat Rose:

Yellow and red, everchanging hues, slightly fragrant, Gold Medal Winner, 10-12 feet tall.

Lemon Meringue Rose:

Lemon chiffon yellow, intense spicy fruity fragrance, hardy and disease resistant, 10-12 feet tall.

Pinata Rose:

A yellow blend rose with vermillion shades, very disease resistant with a tea rose fragrance. 6-8 feet tall.

Scent From Above Rose:

Medium yellow, golden yellow in center, mild licorice scent, does well even in hot weather, 8-10 feet tall.

Skys The Limit Rose:

Buttery yellow, slight and fruity scent, very hardy and a prolific bloomer, 10-12 feet tall.

Golden Showers Rose

Bright yellow fading to light cream, mild licorice fragrance, blooms without pause, Gold Medal winning rose, 10-14 feet tall.

Yellow Lady Banks Rambler Rose:

Lemon yellow, sweet rose scent, blooms with fantastic profusion, needs strong support, 30-35 feet tall.

Type Of White Roses Climbers

Alberic Barbier Rambler Rose:

Creamy white yellow center, intense apple scent, once-blooming, needs lots of room, up to 25 feet tall.

Iceberg Rose:

Pure white, slight honey scent, one of the best white rose climbers, highly disease resistant, 12-14 feet tall.

Sombreuil Rose:

Creamy white ivory, strong honeysuckle scent, best for mild climates, tolerates hot weather, 12-15 feet tall.

Lamarque Rose:

Lemon white flowers, strongly fragrant, a noisette rose, mild climate rose, needs strong support, up to 20 feet tall.

Madame Alfred Carriere Rose:

Pinkish white, intense sweet spice scent, an old noisette rose, cold tender, 10-16 fet tall.

Types Of Orange Rose Climbers

Blaze Of Glory Rose:

Coral orange, light musk fragrance, large clusters of blooms, 12-14 feet tall.

Royal Sunset Rose:

Apricot orange fading to light peach, intense and fruity scent, prefers cooler temperatures, popular in the Northwest, 10-15 feet tall.

Westerland Rose:

Salmon orange, very fragrant, great for picket fences, modest climber good for patio or balcony gardening, 8 feet tall.

Types Of Purple Rose Climbers

Night Owl Rose:

Deep purple, moderate clive and spice scent, disease resistant, 10-14 feet tall.

Veilchenblau Rambler Rose:

Purple violette, modestly fragrant, a hybrid multiflora rose, 8-15 feet tall.


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