Climbing Thornless Rose Zone 5

by Judy

We have an arbor that previously had beautiful roses growing on it, but the thorns were so many and so long that I was afraid for our granddaughter to walk through it(she's 3) We moved them, but now I need to replace them with climbing (hopefully fragrant) roses that don't have the thorns. Can you suggest a few that would work? We live in Michigan which I think is in Zone 5.
Thanks so much,
ANSWER: Hi Judy!,
Thornless climbers are in short supply for sure. But there is one that is almost thornless that is hardy to zone 5.
However, Michigan is known to get some very cold winters now and then, so you have to be prepared to give the rose winter protection.
Climbers are also much more vulnerable to cold and winds than rose bushes.
The thornless climbing rose is Zephirine Drouhin.
It's an old Bourbon rose that is very fragrant and lovely.
I think you will like it very much.
Here is my page about winter care for climbing roses.
Best Regards,

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