Climbing Yellow Rose

'Scent from Above' Yellow Climbing Rose

The best climbing yellow rose bush is the 'Scent from Above' climbing rose. It's an outstanding non-fading, fabulously fragrant yellow climbing rose that you'll love.

Yellow climbing roses are hard to find, especially the non-fading kind of yellow climbers.

climbing yellow rose The bloom color is a golden yellow, but it's the heavenly, intoxicating, licorice fragrance that you will fall in love with.

'Scent from Above' will start flowering in early summer and continue blooming until cold fall weather arrives.

It's a vigorous climbing rose growing to about 8-10 feet high.

Plant one each at the sides of an arbor, or plant one on a trellis, or a fence ar any other structure.

The beautiful yellow flowers are extra large, about 4.5 inches wide, with 40 petals.

The flower form resembles the classic hybrid tea roses.

'Scent from Above's' buds are very pretty with an oval and pointed shape.

The foilage is a disease resistant glossy, dark green color.

It needs to grow in full sun, at least six hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight per day during the growing season.

Plant it in fertile, rich, loamy soil amended with 50% organic compost.

When training the yellow climbing rose to a support use stretch ties, available at garden centers. They are more gentle on the growing canes.

climbing yellow rose
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The hardines zone are 5-10.


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