Cold Climate Roses

cold climate roses

Winter Hardy Roses For Sale

Super cold climate roses, winter hardy cold weather shrub roses to buy.

Bred to withstand sub-zero temperatures of 10 degrees below zero, these strong and disease resistant rose bushes are perfect for New England, Canada and the Northern Midwestern states.

If you live in an area where winters can be harsh and brutal, only the hardiest of roses will survive there.

In these regions I recommend planting roses on the southern, southeastern, or southwestern side of buildings and fences, so they will get plenty of light and warmth.

Sub Zero Roses
For Cold Climate Regions


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You might also be interested in how to winterize roses the best way, so click on this link to get the information you need to take care of roses during cold winters.

Are you looking for cold climate roses, sub zero roses for cold climates?

Take a look at these super cold hardy roses for sub zero climate zones. I think they are beautiful

If you are gardening where winters are long and very harsh, and your season for gardening is very short, you need to choose tough sub zero roses that are hardy and resilient enough to survive cold winters.

Areas such as the Great Plains, the Northern Midwest, the New England states, and the Canadian interior have such cold winters that many roses will suffer from winter kill if they are cold tender.

Only roses that are noted hardy to zone 4 will survive in the above regions.

Fortunately, the subzero roses above, are truly cold hardy rose bushes that can be grown without winter protection in the regions listed above.

I absolutely recommmend these lovely cold hardy climate rose bushes , and they are low maintenance as well.

Another group of roses that are among the most cold hardy are the rugosa roses.

The rugosas are known for their distictive foilage, silky flower petals and their bright red hips in the fall and winter.

Rugosas are hardy to zone 2, where winter temperatures can drop to -50 Fahrenheit.

Roses in the Explorer Series, are also extremely cold hardy and disease resistant. All these roses will not suffer from winter kill.

However, I recommend that you plant your roses in a protected area of your garden, so the cold winds won't topple them and break their canes.


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