Color Changing Peace Rose

by Shauna

QUESTION My mother had a Peace Rose bush that the flowers themselves would change color as the opened and matured. It would start out a soft cream/pink. Then as it opened and aged the flower petals would turn a dark pink. It was the most beautiful rose I have ever seen and smelled. It was very sweet smelling. The leaves were a dark green which made the colors of the flowers stand out even more. Sadly it died after a hard Minnesota winter. Both my mother and I have purchased several varieties of peace roses in the past but none have been as beautiful as the original one. I would love to find one that changes colors like the one my mother originally had. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you, Shauna from Minnesota
ANSWER Hi Shauna,
Unfortunately, no one can predict the color change ranges in roses. It all depends on weather, soil conditions and sunlight. All those garden conditions change by year and even by week.
Soil needs to be amended yearly and even that is not a guarantee.
So even if you had taken a cutting and propagated that Peace rose, you would not be guaranteed the identical color changes your mother's rose had.
Here is my page about the Peace rose;
Peace Rose.
Best Regards,

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