Comment On Rose Planting

by Debbie Zimnock
(Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.)

Hi, Annelie! Thank you so much for the web page. I was very impressed!

Your answers are very helpful. I've gone through most of the links and found some really good ideas to try.

As for the "upside down" rose? LOL I had to dig around it, rebury it DEEPER, than, I water all three abundantly. It seems, the "upside down" rose plant is now turning GREEN!!!

I will try to put a trellis inside each planter, however, I am making some plans ( to build the permanent planters.
I don't think the roses like to be handled too much, so, the less I fuss about and plant/re-plant the better...what do you think? The only fussing will be to tie off the stems to the lattice. OH...that reminds me...what kind of "ties" do I use? Just cut up sheets?

That's all for now.

Thank you for this is very needed and your web site offers SO much!

Debbie Z.

Hi Debbie,
Thanks for your kind answer. I am happy to help you at any time.
The best thing to tie your climbers to a support such as a trellis, is with plastic ties.

They come in round packages at the garden center.
Just ask for them and tell the sales people you want to use them to tie canes to trellises.

I am delighted to hear about your "upside down" planted rose is turning green after you fixed that.
Roses are a lot tougher than people think.
Best of luck and thanks for visiting my rose gardening site.

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