Common Rose Diseases

common rose diseases

List Of Common Rose Diseases

Common rose diseases such as black spot on roses, powdery mildewon roses, and rust on roses are what most rose gardeners have to deal with.

Below is a list of diseases of rose bushes and tips on how to prevent rose diseases and how to control rose diseases.

Rose gardening challenges, such as rose bush diseases, rose bush leaf diseases, shrub rose diseases and diseases of rose bushes in general, are more common in one area than another, so in order

to have good rose health care and avoid any problems, you need to find out which of these rose plant diseases

is more likely to occur in your area, and look for roses that are the most resistant to those particular problems.


'Knock Out' rose, roses such as this 'Knock Out' variety have exceptional resistance to diseases of rose bushes on their foilage and appears to be impervious to black spot.

Local Rose Societies are excellent resources for information on roses for your climate situation, as they are well aware of rose varieties that would do well in your area, and which ones to stay clear of.

Here is some information regarding these rose plant diseases and how to control them.

Rose Diseases Pests

Black Spot On Roses

Black spot is a fungal disease common during humid or wet weather. The damage to the roses are brown or black spots with fringed margins on the leaves. The infected leaves then turn yellow around the spot and drop prematurely, weakening growth.

To control shrub rose diseases, such as black spot on roses, avoid wetting the foilage, such as using overhead sprinklers. Pick off infected leaves and destroy them. Spray with baking soda mixture to prevent further infection.

Powdery Mildew On Roses

This fungal disease is common when humidity is high with warm days and cool nights. The damage to roses are white or gray patches with a powdery appearance on leaves, shoots, buds and flowers, as well as premature leaf drop.

To control rose bush diseases such as powdery mildew on roses, pick off and destroy dameged and infected foilage, and clean up dropped leaves. Spray with a baking soda mixture to prevent further infection.

Rust On Roses

Rose bush leaf diseases, like rust on roses, are most prevalent im damp, cool areas of the Western USA. The damage shows up as reddish orange-like bumps on the upper leaf surface. To control rust on roses, pick off and destroy all dropped leaves. Follow with a spraying of the baking soda mixture or lime sulfor, to stop the spread of this disease.

To give good rose health care and prevent any common rose diseases from infecting your plants, inspect your roses frequently, so if any problems crop up, you'll spot it quickly and can take appropriate measures before it gets out of hand.


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