Companion Planting List

Beneficial Companion
Planting For Roses

I have selected a companion planting list of good beneficial plants to grow with roses to control pests and disease.

Companion plants for roses should be choosen for diversification.

Be creative when designing with roses, and when choosing companion planting for roses.

Don't make a garden with just roses in it.

This could be like ringing the dinner bell for insect pests that like to attack roses.

With a mixture of good companion plants that repel insects, your roses will be a lot healthier.

The companion plantings act like physical barriers, so insects and diseases can be avoided.

Certain companion plants for roses have an apparent deterent effect on certain pests and common rose diseases.

companion planting list

Companion Planting Of Dublin Bay Rose
And Catmint

Once the companion planting have been established in your garden as permanent plants, they will make a real difference to the overall health of your roses.

The following list of companion planting for roses will help you with practicing organic rose gardening, as these plants repel insects and rose diseases.

List Of Companion Plants For Roses

The plants below provide natural insect control.

*Alliumsallium *Catmint *Catnipcatmint *Feverfewfeverfew *Thymethyme *Rosemaryrosemary *Alyssumalyssum *Coriandercoriander *Fennelfennel *Nasturtiumsnasturtiums *Petuniaspetunias *Geraniumsgeraniums

Garden Companion Planting
For Disease And Pest Control

Try growing combinations of these companion plants, especially the first six on the list.

The alliums, such as leeks, and their cousin, society garlic, that can be grown right through a rose bush, are the most important plants.

These companion plants even help with fungal disease, if left in the same location for a few years.

The invasive companion plants such as tansy and mint, can be grown in containers, and sunk into the soil in bottomless pots.


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