Complimenting Plant Varieties
For Rose Bushes

by Luke

Hi Annelie,
My name is Luke I live in Australia and I have just started making my garden. I have planted a variety of 13 mature roses and would like to plant some things in between them to compliment them and bulk up the space I am using.

The lay out of the roses is in a straight line design with a varying distance between as I have them in a horse shoe shaped garden. I would love to get your input/ideas on what I should plant with them e.g. trees or shrubs etc.
I would like to plant maybe one or two medium size trees in the garden as well any ideas would be appreciated.
Kind Regards
Luke Fitzgibbon

Hi Luke,
Thanks for your submission. Companion planting with roses have to be carefully considered, because their roots system can not compete with the roses roots.
Trees should never be planted close to any rose beds, because of their root systems and also because they would shade the roses also.
So don't plant any trees there.
Hardy perennial geraniums are ideal companium plants for roses.
They are low-growing and come in a variety of colors.
And they have a long blooming period.
Happy Day
... Annelie

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