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How To Make A Bin Yourself

Affordable compost bins and How To Build a Composter for composting plant remains and other living material.

Dozens of composting supplies for natural fertilizing and growing plants organically.

organic composting creates a rich soil substance that is a perfect soil amendment for your garden.

I recommend a composting starter kit to accelerate your composting.

Organic compost teas contain micro-organisms that are ideal for your plants.

So you should definitely consider getting a compost tea brewer.

Of course you can make homemade composters.

Building a composter is not hard, if you follow some simple instructions.

But if you want a compost worm bin it's best to buy one, otherwise the worms might escape. They also need a special environment to multiply and survive.

I personally use a tumbling composter for my own garden.

I also use a kitchen compost pail for vegetable scraps such as potato peels and coffee and tea grinds etc.

It's an ideal, going green, way to add nutrients to your garden soil.

Click on this link for great easy compost plans and designs, and Easy Composters You Can Build Yourself.

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