Container Climbing Roses

by Patricia Michael
(Dover Plains, New York)

I live in zone 5a and I would like to plant some climbing roses in two large containers on my deck.

I am told that a rose that can survive in zone 4a would be able to tolerate a winter in 5a in a pot, is this true?

I would be unable to move the pot once planted.

I am intrigued by your William Baffin rose, it looks like a definite possibility.

I look forward to your advice.
Many thanks, Patricia

ANSWER: Hi Patricia! Climbing roses in containers are more exposed to harsh winter weather, because their roots are not buried in the ground.

However, the William Baffin climbing rose, is the only one I would recommend.
This climbing rose is hardy to Zone 3. It's named for the English Artic Explorer who discovered Baffin Bay in the 1500's.

The William Baffin rose flowers almost continously throughout the season, and is extremely disease resistant.

You should plant it in a very large container, and insert a sturdy trellis if you don't train it against a wall.

Only use bagged soil for roses in the container.

The rose should be watered daily during the season, and fertilized weekly with a diluted water soluble fertilizer for roses.

I recommend you buy a moisture meter so you can check if it needs water.

I use it for all my potted plants indoors and outdoors.

Also the container should have a minimum of three drainage holes in the bottom
It should not be standing in a saucer where water can collect.

Good drainage is crucial.

Place the container on a short stand or use bricks to bring it a bit off the deck.

This will help the roots get air circulation.

Care should also be taken during the winter.

I recommend you protect it during the winter, just because it's not in the ground. Wrap the container and rose with a protective covering.

Here is my page about winterizing roses. I recommed you read it.
Best Regards,

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