Container Gardening Roses

Growing Roses In Containers

Container gardening roses or growing roses in containers and pots, container gardening with roses, is a great way to add color and beauty to your outdoor living spaces such as a patio, deck or doing balcony gardening.

Roses, including climbers, grow well in containers, but it is essential that the container is large enough and that you feed and water your roses consistently.

Small roses such as 'Gruss an Aachen', are perfect for container roses.

Container Garden Pictures

container gardening roses

The pretty container above is planted with a Miniature white rose' and a blue 'Clematis, that's weaving through the rose, look closely. This arrangement is underplanted with variegated dwarf English Ivy and red Ivy Geranium. So simple but yet so eye-catching.

The picture of this potted rose is an excellent example of container gardening roses.

container gardening roses

Here flowers are growing in containers along a walkway in a front garden.

There are green Creeping Thyme, White Petunias, and pink Geraniums.

The flowerbed in the background is home to several miniature roses and other plants.

container gardening roses

The picture above shows a pretty potted miniature rose called Rainbows End. The flowers are deep yellow and blushing orange-red. It grows to about 12-18 inches tall.

container gardening roses

The lovely container in the picture above is planted with the very compact pink 'Anne Boylen' rose, a David Austin English rose. It's perfect for container gardening.

The rose is under planted with the blue trailing 'Johnny Jump Ups' violas.


Here are the names of roses that are suitable for container gardening or for growing roses in pots.

Iceberg rose (white), Anne Mobley rose (soft pink), Baby Grand rose (pink), Beauty Secret rose (red), Black Jade rose (red-black), Cal Poly rose (yellow), Candy Sunblaze rose (soft pink), Cinderella rose (white), Earthquake rose (yellow with red shadings), Gourmet Popcorn rose (white), Iresistable rose (creamy), Little Artist rose (red with white), My Sunshine rose (yellow), Pacesetter rose (creamy white), Party Girl rose (salmon), Rainbows End rose (yellow with red edges), Rise 'n' Shine rose (gold), Snowbride rose (white), Snow Carpet rose (white) La Sevillana rose (red), Gruss an Achen rose (cream), Etoile de Hollande rose (red), Hermosa rose (pink), Baby Blanket rose (pink), Ambridge rose (peachy pink), White Pet rose (white), Alba Meidiland rose (pure white), Cecile Brunner rose (warm pink), Max Graf rose (bright pink), Henry Hudson rose, (white), Marie Pavie rose (palest pink), Flower Carpet rose (deep pink), Knockout rose (cherry red or pink or rainbow), Red Ribbons rose (red),

That's quite a list of names of roses that are very suitable for growing in pots or containers.

container gardening roses

Look how the potted rose containers make this pool area look very pretty and lush.

Container gardening roses, growing roses in pots, is a great way to make your backyard patios, decks and pool areas very beautiful.

You should not plant a rose in a pot smaller than 20 inches (50cm) in diameter and 16 inches (40cm)deep. Make sure there is a hole, or holes in the bottom.

Cover the bottom with a piece of window screen mesh, or use a couple of paper towels, then fill the potpartially with a good quality potting soil for roses. Position the rose in the container, making surethat the rose is level and that the bud union is correctly placed, by measuring it against a straightstick placed across the top of the pot.

Water the soil thoroughly to remove any possible air holes. Water the first time when the pot is half-filled and water again when its completely full.

When container gardening roses, it's important to water your potted roses every day, and to use a watersoluble fertilizer once a week.


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