Controlling Aphids

Natural Aphid Control

Controlling aphids and even getting rid of aphids is quite easy, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find out.

To kill aphids you do not even have to use chemicals that are harmful to you, your pets, and our Earth.

If you spot aphids in your garden you need to take action right away, because they multiply rapidly and will attack new growth and really do a bad number on your roses and other plants also, if you don't stop them.

Luckily, your remedy is as close as your garden hose. Yes, that's right!

Lady Bug Eating Aphids

Aphids show up in spring time when new growth appears, and these sucking insects love new growth. In fact I never see any on older foilage, ever.

They secrete 'honeydew', a sticky, sweet substance that also attracts ants.

It can turn black as sooty mold starts growing on it. Please, do not let the aphid infestation go that far.

The aphid pests are small soft-bodied insects that use their mouth parts to suck fluids from leaves, stem tips, and flower buds of roses and other plants.

Severe infestations will ruin flowers and cause the leaves to curl and the foilage to turn brown.

Aphid Treatment
Getting Rid of Aphids

HOW TO CONTROL: Give plants a hard spray of water once or twice a day for 10 days, or more if needed.

Use an insecticidal soap for roses for your rose bushes and shrubs if you have severe infestation.

If the aphid problem is chronic from year to year, use a dormant oil spray in early spring to control and kill overwintering eggs, or treat with neem oil.


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