Coral Dawn Climbing Rose

coral dawn climbing rose

Coral Dawn Climbing Rose Climbing

Coral Dawn climbing rose is a disease resistant climbing rose and one of the fragrant climbing roses that's also an everblooming climbing rose.

It is a vigorous climber that bears beautiful rose pink double flowers that are very lovely.

The flowering starts in early summer with repeat blooms throughout summer and fall. The darling oval buds open to reveal large and very beautiful well-formed blooms.

The heavenly fragrant flowers are carried in clusters among a healthy dark green foilage that is very attractive.

This is a slightly lax plant with branching canes that are easy to train.

coral dawn climbing rose

The picture of the rose above shows it trained on a rustic pergola, but it will also enhance low fences, walls, and it's also a good subject for pillars as well.

Growing conditions for this climber is no different than for most climbers. If you wonder how trim climbing roses, just go to this Trimming Roses link, and then go to this link to brush up on Training Climbing Roses.

The rose was introduced by Boerner, USA, in 1952. Zones 4-9, height 12-15 feet.


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