Crimson Bouquet Rose

crimson bouquet rose

Red Rose Flower

Crimson Bouquet rose bush, a beautiful bright red rose flower. Plant some of these red rose bushes in your garden and you will have plenty of blooms for a red rose bouquet.

When my husband and I visited a public garden we were delighted to stumble upon a great display of my husbands favorite red roses. It was a very hot day and the roses were all open, so I was unable to find a single bud to take a picture of. The buds are very lovely and prominent.

crimson bouquet rose

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The flower of the red rose is very pretty and the rose plant makes a great statement in any garden.

The attractive foilage is deep green and really shows off the brilliant red flower clusters.

This crimson rose bush is smaller than most grandifloras and also more disease resistant than most red roses.

The red rose flowers are double and large, about four inches across, with a petal count of 20-35.

Pictures Of Red Roses

crimson bouquet rose

The picture above shows my husband Tony, standing in a flowerbed with 'Crimson Bouquet' roses in full bloom.

My husband loves red roses and he is particularly fond of these ones.

It's a winner of year 2000 All American Rose Society (AARS) award for excellence.

crimson bouquet rose

Here is more close up look of these red roses. It had been hot weather for a week, so most of the blooms are wide open. So I am sorry no rose buds were available for the picture, but I can assure you, the rose buds are very pretty and oval shaped.

The best use for this rose is growing it in a large flower border. Be sure to plant at least three of these roses, spacing them out with other companion plants in between.

White and blue companion flowers would look especially good with these red roses. Spikes of blue and white foxgloves interplanted with the red rose bushes would look stunning.

Another great use for would be for an informal rose hedge. When planting a rose hedge, space the roses only 1.50 feet apart for a fuller effect.

The Crimson Bouquet rose blooms with profusion all season long until frost. It is also extremely cold hardy as well as thriving in hot climates. Zones 4-10, height 4-5 feet.


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