Cuthbert Grant Rose Bush

cuthbert grant rose

'Cuthbert Grant' Rose - An Canadian Explorer Rose

Cuthbert Grant rose bush is one of the best of the Canadian Explorer roses and an Arkansana Hybrid rose and it's super hardy.

The 'Cuthbert Grant' shrub rose was bred to withstand the cold winters of the Canadian prairies. The flowers of 'Cuthbert Grant' are a beautiful deep red with a hint of purple, and so beautifully set off by the pale glossy green leaves.

In some areas the blooms appear more purple, and sometimes more reddish in other regions.

cuthbert grant rose

Picture Of 'Cuthbert Grant' Shrub Rose

The blooms have a cupped shape and come in clusters of 3-9 flowers on long slender stems. The rose plant is one of the first to bloom, then it will take a rest, before producing a great second flowering in the fall, when the flowers become more purple and less red.

'Cuthbert Grant' roses are extremely resistant to blackspot, powdery mildew and rust. It's a medium tall bush, but in hot climates, it can shoot up to over 8 feet. Zones 3-9, height 4.9 feet (1.5 m)

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The 'Cuthbert Grant' rose boasts fragrant clusters of 3 to 6 dark red velvet double blossoms. The folliage is glossy green and the plant is resistant to disease.


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