Cutting Back Roses

by Sharon
(Logan Ohio)

QUESTION: Hello!, I have a rose bush that some of the canes are 16 foot tall.

It's green, I can be not sure on the species.

When and how far should I cut these back?
Thanks, Sharon in Ohio

ANSWER: Hi Sharon! Since you don't know what type of rose you have, you should leave it alone for a season, to see when and how it blooms next spring or early summer.

I am sure it's either a climber or a rambler rose though.

The reason for that is, that the once-blooming climbers, such as ramblers, or antique climbers, should only be cut back in summer right AFTER flowering.

They only bloom on last years growth, so if you prune it now, or in spring, before blooming, you will not have any rose flowers for that season.

Repeat-flowering roses should be pruned in early spring, or when the Forsythia's bloom, in your region.

Here is my page for how to properly prune climbing roses and ramblers.
Best Regard,

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