Cutting Rose Bushes in Fall


I have been cutting back my rose bushes in the fall so I can get it inside the styrofoam covers you buy at gardening centers.

Is this process ok? I tried leaving them with out the covers this past winter and lost most of them to the cold winter we had.

I would cut them back to the right height for the cover than then tie the branches together to fit.

Should I abandonen this method of protecting my roses in winter? thanks.


I don't recommend cutting back roses before winter comes, because it will prompt the rose to start growing new tender foilage, which will die later.

if the rose is too large for styrofoam covers, use fleece material by the yard.
It's much better.
Be sure not to cover the rose until it start going dormant.
And uncover them when weather turns better in late winter or early spring.

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