Dark Purple Roses

Pictures Of Purple Roses

Do you love dark purple roses,a real deep purple rose?

Here are pictures of the best and darkest purple rose bushes to buy with detailed growing information about each of them.

There are a lot of Purple Roses to buy now, but only a few have the deep and dark purple rose color that look so spectacular, especially when paired with white flowers.

I sure wish that rose breeders develop more roses that have very dark purple blooms.

There are so many rose gardeners that really want these kinds of purple roses.

Well, I have selected the very best of the darkest purple roses available today.

So, if you like to plant some in your garden, you should choose one of the purple rose bushes on this page for your garden.

Dark Purple Roses

dark purple roses

Ebb Tide Purple Rose

Isn't this the darkest purple rose you have ever seen? The deep purple old fashion looking rose blooms are incredibly fragrant with the most heavenly rose scent. The foilage is disease free and very attractive. Zones 6-10, height 4 feet to 4 feet wide.

dark blue roses

Rosa Wild Blue Yonder

Rosa Wild Blue Yonder is definitely more purple than blue that's for sure. This rose has the deep purple rose color that everyone wants in a purple rose. It is also very fragrant with a citrus scent and blooms all season with an abundance of rose flowers.It is very disease resistant and was voted a 2006 AARS Champion rose. Zone 5-10, height 4-5 feet.

dark purple roses

Rosa Cardenial De Richelieu, A Purple Rose

This dark colored purple rose has velvety blooms that keeps on blooming and blooming. The rose bush has very few thorns, its almost thornless,and has handsome dark green foilage. The flowers are very fragrant, in fact I would say they have a strong wonderful rose scent.

This an old Gallica rose from 1840 and as such only blooms once, but the flowering is awesome and long-lasting, so this rose is worth its place in a garden. It is a compact rose bush.

Stop feeding this rose after August 1st. Pruning should be done right after flowering. No pruning in spring, or you will not have any flowers for that summer. Zones 4-8, height 3-4 feet.

dark purple roses

Midnight Blue Rose

They call this rose Midnight Blue, but I would call it Midnight Purple. it's a very deep purple rose that's also very fragrant.

It's a compact shrub rose with a rounded shape that you'll like. The flower clusters are large and bountiful with blooms. it repeat flowers all season long. One of the great dark purple flowers for a smaller space. Zones 6-10, height 2.5 - 3 feet.

Pink Purple Roses

dark purple roses

Rosa Purple Passion Rose

Rosa Purple Passion is a wonderful purple hybrid tea rose with a dark pink purple color. It's very fragrant and blooms the first year and then repeats all summer.

It's a heat tolerant rose, so if you live where summers are hot, this rose is great choise for your garden.

Hybrid teas look great in borders and make ideal cutting roses. Zones 7-10, height 5 feet.

Purple And White Roses

There are no roses that are purple and white. However, planting purple roses with white roses, such as the white Iceberg rose or the white Fabulous rose, will make your purple roses really stand out and look fantastic.

I also like underplanting purple roses with the white miniature 'Gourmet Popcorn'. Just plant these mini roses in front of the purple roses and you will have a stunning looking flower bed.

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