Desert Rose Plant Care Information

desert rose plant care

Growing Roses In Arizona And The Desert Southwest

Desert rose plant care and information on growing roses in Arizona and the desert Southwest, and when it's the best time to prune roses in Arizona and other warm, mild climates, that what this page is all about.

If you are Growing Roses In Arizona and you wonder how do you care for a desert rose, this page will help you out.
First you must spend the summers keeping your roses cool. It would help to put up a canopy during the hottest hours of the day.

But the most important thing is to keep your roses well watered so they can unfold their brilliant colors in November and April, the big desert rose seasons.

Dry winds and low humidity make thorough regular watering even more important. To conserve moisture, mulch heavily with 4-5 inches of shredded bark.

Pruning Roses In Arizona And The Desert

Pruning rose care in mild winter climates such as the desert Southwest, Arizona, California and Florida should be done just before the rose bush breaks dormancy (sometimes they don't go dormant at all).

This will be early in the year, or in late December or around New Year

If you are caring for Old Roses, only prune them after they bloom. They bear flowers on last years wood. Well, there you have the information about rose plant care for the desert Southwest.


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