Design For A Small Garden


Flower Garden Design Ideas Pictures

Design for a small garden and ideas for flower bed borders should include a variety of plants such as roses, perennials, annuals and small shrubs.

Small sized gardens should be carefylly thought out, as every plant in it, is more visible to everyone. Plants should be selected for long-lasting good looks and color. In a small garden it's especially important that each plant is truly special and attractive throughout the season.

How To Design A Beautiful Small Flower Garden

The flower bed ideas and photos on this page are great examples of small garden designs: small front garden design, small circular flower beds, ideas for a front porch, sidewalk flower bed ideas, small raised flower beds, small garden spaces and a small town garden.

Small Front Garden

design for a small garden

Now here is a design for a small garden, worth slowing down for to get a second look. I loved how they created a curved flower bed of white Iceberg roses mixed with red Mister Lincoln roses and pink Bonica roses.

The curved bed is edged with white, pink and red (matching the color of the roses) dwarf Impatiens. The lovely containers are equally color co-ordinated with red ivy Geraniums. The overall effect is very colorful, yet serenely simple and beautiful at the same time. This is a long lasting colorful garden.

Ideas For A front Porch Garden

design for a small garden

Isn't this a charming front porch with roses? Two red Climbing Blaze roses are trained up posts on the front porch while the brick walkway, lined with a low curved boxwood hedge that's hiding the legs of a variety of roses, such as 'Rio Samba', 'Gold Medal', Perfume Delight', 'Mister Lincoln' and 'Sexy Rexy'. It's a very colorful front porch garden.

Ideas For A Small Raised Flower Beds

design for a small garden

The picture above shows a very simple small raised bed planted with several 'Carefree Beauty' rose bushes.

These roses live up to their name 'Carefree'. They bloom all season long without disease.

The raise bed is backed by a white trellis fence that really helps to show off the colorful roses. This is a lovely focal point in a small garden, that you can easily re-create in your own garden space.

Creative Ideas For A Small Garden

design for a small garden

What a clever idea for a design for a small garden! Here the homeowners are using beautiful and decoraive stoneware planters as accent pieces in this flowerbed filled with white Iceberg roses, colorful Petunias and spiky green Asparagus Ferns. This is a very attractive and unusual flower bed design.

Ideas For A Small Circular Flower Bed

design for a small garden

This photo shows a small circular flower bed in a lawn that gets full sun. This planting group is so easy and simple, yet so pretty and colorful at the same time.

The crimson red 'Europeana' floribunda rose is the star attraction. It's long-lasting blossoms are slightly fragrant and bloom abundantly throughout the season. A very good choice for a smaller specimen rose. The small round bed is edged with dwarf Blue Petunias, Yellow Marigolds, and light Blue Lobelias. I really enjoy this small flower bed, it brings a smile to my face every time I go by. Go ahead and plant one in your own garden. It's a great design for a small garden.

Small Flower Bed Idea For A Driveway

design for a small garden

This is a wonderful and, oh so colorful smaller size flower bed by a driveway. But it could be equally effective and beautiful in a backyard planted in the middle of a lawn.

The long blooming roses in the bed are 'Just Joey' in full bloom, with 'Brass Band' roses and white 'Iceberg' roses planted in a rounded bed bordered by grass.

The bed is edged with a great variety of colorful Pansies. Plantings of annuals are very inexpensive ideas to finish off a flower bed.


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