Design Ideas With Knockout Roses


Creative Planting Ideas For
The Knockout Rose

Here are my favotite design ideas with Knockout roses that you might want to try out for your own garden.

Since the Knockout rose is a rose, that even people who can't grow roses can grow, be sure to plant some of these roses in your garden.

Especially if you have a only a limited time to spend caring for roses.

Knockout Rose Flower

design ideas with knockout roses

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Design ideas for Curb Appeal
With Knockout Roses

design ideas with knockout roses

The picture above show how great the the 'Knockout' looks planted next to a white picket fence.

The ball shaped dwarf boxwood bushes, pink peoni and blue salvia completes the flower bed and creates a very attractive front garden.

design ideas with knockout roses

The picture above shows double pink 'Knock Out' roses planted in a narrow flower bed design.

The taller companion flowers are pink Foxgloves.

I think this is such a colorful narrow flower garden and very beautiful also.

This is very easy to re-create in any sunny garden spot that is narrow.

For a great inexpensive curb appeal, plant a row of red Knockout roses in front of a white painted picket fence.

Underplant the roses with white alyssums and blue lobelias, or white and blue lobelias.

Not only is this a nearly no-maintenance combination, but it's a great showstopper that will make your front yard the envy of the neighborhood.

Flower Border Design Ideas
For Knockout Roses

design ideas with knockout roses

Knockout roses are great for flower borders and foundation plantings.

The beautiful flower bed in the picture above, features the pink knockout rose, Shasta Daisies and Daylilies.

This flower bed planting is very attractive and is an easy design idea for any garden.

Container Design Ideas
With Knockout Roses

Because of the compact growth habit of the Knockout roses, I like planting them in large containers.

And then combining them with small flowering vines or white trailing lobelias.

It is really a beautiful and simple way to decorate your outdoor livingspaces.

For a stunning focal point on your deck or balcony, plant three knockout roses of the same color in separate containers.

And then line them up against the railing so it's the first thing your eyes fall on when opening the sliding doors to the outdoors.

It's a very colorful decorative touch that will give you a lot of compliments.

Other Design Ideas
For Knockout Rose

design ideas with knockout roses

Now isn't this a show stopping front garden. These roses make this house the most attractive on this street.

I think this is one of the most terrific design ideas with Knockout roses I have seen in a long time.

And when you think about the long non stop blooming period of the roses, up to nine months in some areas, it's a very effective and useful landscape solution for a front garden.

Knockout roses also makes great plantings along driveways and walkways.

Since they bloom non-stop until frost, you'll have great color for a long growing season.

If you have a wide border,'Knockout' roses look great lined up as a colorful edging along the border.

Just be sure to use plants such as alyssums or creeping Thyme to underplant the roses with.

This gives a neat finishing touch to your flower border.

Be sure to use some of these design ideas with Knockout roses in your own garden situations.

And there is hardly any upkeep with theses roses, and pruning Knockout roses is a breeze.

Just trim to shape the bushes and remove any dead, spindly or criss-crossed canes, and no deadheading needed for re-blooms, since these roses are self-cleaning.


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